Experienced Agents

So, you’ve been at this game for a good while now. Making some sales, learning the ways.. But there is more out there. There is more than your “conventional” brokerage. Boring weekly sales meetings full of blah blah blah, and this new listing – overpriced and under valued- the dreaded caravans.. Over hyped training sessions low on value and usefullness… Oh wait one more which is my favorite, company participation to a sales trainer – who is going to want you to sign up and pay for training or coaching – all because your office cant do it. So you will have to bear yet another expense to learn the proper techniques to build a business.  All while your brokers duty is to serve you.


Yes, that was an in your face paragraph. Yes, I feel strongly about this. I have met and been exposed to sales trainers for years. Many of them provide unmatched value. That is why we are growing our Group 26 on the foundation of Coaching and sales training. Agents have shifted the tides in brokerage and now rule the roost. How can someone compete with today’s commission structures and be profitable enough to properly train, mentor and coach agents through all levels of the business.. The answer is simple. Group 26.. The different levels of the commission plan benefit agents on every level…  Our business developer structure will create real, lucrative residual income.

Our our new agent training is only trumped by our office environment and our personal coaching for the more experienced agents. Enjoy working in our laid back, no claimed space office environments designed for today’s agent. With ample conference rooms for privacy with clients, meeting sand etc, the positive energy is engulfing when our A-Team members are working the plan in the open environment. No more do top producers have to hide in their office from distractions. From nay sayers in the  office. From the thought of someone stealing leads to grey glassy stares as you prospect none of this will ever be experienced in our company. Our environment is designed from success not for it. Success is eminent because of this fact. What top producers do is what we built on. No towards. Early morning daily business planning, goal reflection, meditation, role playing then action. All the ingredients for a healthy, fruitful day.


If you want more listing appointments than you can go on, more buyer leads than you can handle then continue to read. Apply and be accepted for the A-Team and you will be part of a very dedicated group. The power of a whole is greater than the sum of it’s equal parts. Prospect, trouble shoot, practice, sharpen and prepare with other like minded individuals who want one thing. An extravagant career in Real Estate while always making more money in the same or less time.

Time is all we have. Any schmo can make more money by working longer hours. In order to be successful in sales, Real Estate especially, one must have a balanced life and daily routine that is built to win. You wanted to be your own boss but you never bossed yourself around.. Whats with that?? You may have yelled at yourself ” You should be working, why are you not?!”…. or the dreaded “Why am I stuck working so late and missing all this family time, this is time I will never get back?!”.  That’s no boss to be to your self. You owe yourself more than that. Any good boss can set you up for success in both work and life. Learn to be a good boss to yourself, one where there is no self loathing only goals accomplished and things to feel good about. Even as we deals with life’s little failures.  Learn to deal with this stuff and lead a great day every day all day with no exceptionns. It is the only way to win this game.

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