New Agents

As a new agent starting this business the going is tough. Which way is up, which way is down, do I really have to do that.. Is there a better way… Plus a million more ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) race through your mind… Then on the other side of the spectrum you have these, I’m gonna make a million dollars in my first year types who usually wind up quitting sooner rather than later.


Almost every single agent gets “thrown to the wolves” in the beginning… Get told sit open houses every weekend, work these internet leads, post ads on craigslsit  and other horrible stuff… After an agent sticks around long enough they get told to pay for some course to teach them how to really sell real estate… Because of a few reasons… If someone does know how to sell at high levels they have a hard time teaching it….. They don’t know all together…. or they are afraid you will quit if they tell you what to do (the right, effective ways to do)….


75 Hours of Real Estate school and a few tests are not enough to teach you real estate. This is an ever evolving business which requires constant education, plus continually sharpening your sales skills and business acumen. Not for the light hearted. When I started this career it was because people I knew told me I would be good at it. I needed some direction and a real career, thought gee… working with people and looking at houses all day sounds like peaches and cream…. awesome. Plus, I can make a few thousand dollars every time I sell a house… wow Awesome!! It was and is almost the complete opposite… Except for the thousands of dollars every sale.. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of great things, and I have come to have great friends, partners, & mentors through this business. It was not without paying my dues in the beginning…. And I don’t mean just with a check…


At Group 26 we are dedicated to the agent.. A place where a new agent can come in here and in 6-9 months… 3 in some cases… Be earning money from real estate. Yes you can do rentals within your first few weeks and make some money… I am talking about building a business, starting a career.. The whole reason you went out and achieved your Real Estate license in the first place. It is known that Real Estate Agents can and do make as much and more than attorneys, doctors and other high profile professionals. Not the first year. Most likely not your second either. It is realistic to make 50K in your first full year in real estate.. Some make less some make more. It is the ones that have made a decision and fully commit themselves to a career that will perform at high levels.


Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to want to make 300,400, or a million dollars a year to get into real Estate. The fact you can is motivating enough. You can work an easy, flexible schedule be making 60-80K plus after some time. It matters what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Some people want to just some extra money for the household. Everyone has their place in this crazy business of Real Estate.


Our commitment to you, as a new agent is this. We will provide more than enough training, support, coaching and teamwork for you to succeed at the levels you wish. If you want to build a six figure business, we can get you there. Guaranteed. We are already doing it. If you only need a more modest income, we will have you there in no time with minimal stress and expenses… all while not having to forfeit half your commission to the office. Sometime its more than half, especially in the beginning. After all, it has to be what is the income I am making, not what am I making someone else.

I invite you to learn more about our company through this website, or meet with me personally to go over all the details….. and of course, I invite you to enjoy a career and life as a successful Real Estate Agent.




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